•  transparent

  • VaticanLeaks has joined the global transparency movement. This is just the beginning of the grass-root movement of open data. Technology is changing the relationship between those in power and the people. The powerful, who are ever more resistant to public opinion, will soon be less justified in receiving economic privileges.

  •  interactive

  • The Internet has turned a grass-roots attempt to achieve transparency into a concrete possibility. VaticanLeaks uses the interactive features of New Media to supply its users with an extra tool in breaking down the ambivalence of the powerful. .

  •  indiscreet

  • Complete accessibility of data will draw the final curtain on this era of secrecy. Indiscreet tools such as ours will show sources of reserved information or embarrassing facts cannot be shut down so easily.

" This app is using clear information to respond to the cult of secrecy. "

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